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Financing the Future

Early stage companies often seek advice and venture capital for early stage growth.

More established companies often seek larger amounts of private equity financing.

Public companies often seek structured financing from hedge funds.

GWB Capital provides private and public companies with all of these forms of financing to meet their stage of growth.


Enabling Opportunity

Most companies have a mission and vision.  Some have a strategic plan.  The best companies also have a Finance Strategy.

The three biggest rules of business:  Don't run out of money.  Don't run out of money.  And don't run out of money.

A well crafted business and growth strategy will enable companies to be financed with venture capital, private equity, and for more established companies by hedge fund investors.

We provide clients with services to prepare, communicate and fund their business and financing plans.


Comprehensive Services

We provide venture capital, private equity and hedge fund financing for growing healthcare and technology companies.

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